Tuesday, September 4, 2012


HCMS promoting sustainable agriculture  development for the eradication of poverty by guaranteeing environmental sustainability. Such agro-based environment-friendly technology is termed as Green Technology (GT).  Literatures show GT encompasses a continuously evolving group of methods or materials,from techniques for generating energy to non-toxic  cleaning products. It is that innovation which reduces waste by changing patterns of production and consumption. It is also defined as environmental healing technology, which reduces environmental damages created by the products and technologies forpeoples' conveniences. Most of the businesses may not be very excited to “go green” by reducing emissions since their motto is to make money not to save
the planet. The global strategy should be to help businesses do both.Globally, including the Asian and Pacific Region, major agro-technological changes have
been noticed. Such changes have been in agronomic practices; developing crop varieties with increased resistance to various diseases and pests; fertilizer-use and water conservation
technology; and technologies making cultivation suitable under various agro-climatic
As a reference to environment-friendly technology, organic agriculture has been considered as the fastest growing fields of the food sector. Therefore, organic agriculture has become a niche market since it forms 1%-2% of the total food market share and demonstrates a popular case for organically managed land practices.The revolution in Information Technology for precision farming, applied research in understanding ecological systems as production ecology and gene revolution for advancement in biotechnology have brought about major technological changes in agriculture. Although the technologies are available such as, the biotechnology, genetic engineering etc, the challenge is to determine the most suited and affordable technology by developing market mechanism for making applied technology competitive and sustainable.

In some countries government purchasing is encouraged for the products whose contents and methods of production have the smallest possible impact on the environment. In recent years, much more emphasis has been given in linking environmental factors with diversified development activities. For example, the terminologies, often used as "green building", or "high performance building", and or "sustainable building" address the impact of technology
on environment. It is found that energy, water, and materials are used so efficiently while constructing the structure, it not only support the longer lifetime of the structure alone, but also the health and productivity of occupants.

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