Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Agro-climatic conditions in India

In India, the development of organic agriculture is receiving increasing attention among farmers, producers, processors, traders, exporters and consumers. Growing consciousness of health hazards due to the possible contamination of farm produce from the use of chemical fertilizers have immensely contributed to the revival of this form of farming during the last five years. 

Agro-climatic conditions in India and our agricultural biodiversity are conducive to organic agriculture and, hence, offer : tremendous scope for cultivation of a wide range of organic products. India is now understood to be a potential supplier of organic products to the international market. Presently, India is exporting these products to Europe, US and Japan and volumes are looking up.Farming  systems  dependent  on  input  of  artificial  fertilizers  and/or  chemicals  and pesticides or which are not in conformity with the basic standards of organic production.

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